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Compatible for Chevrolet Prizm 1.8L V4 1998-2002

Compatible for Toyota Corolla 1.8L V4 1998-2002


Emissions: 48-State Legal (Cannot Ship to CA or NY)

Series: Direct Fit

Interchange Part Number:15844

Tube material?Stainless Steel

Connection Type: Clamp-on

Substrate Material: Ceramic

Overall length: 22.63 in. 

Main Piping Diameter: 2in.

Inlet type: Single (Flare)

Outlet type: Single (Pipe Connection)

Oxygen sensor ports: Yes

Oxygen Sensor Location: Post Converter

Air Tube Adaptable: No

Package Included:

1x Catalytic Converter(Includes Gasket & Bolt as picture shown)


? 100% Brand new. 

? One year warranty for any manufacture defect. 

? High flow design to provide more oxygen to your engine for an increase in power and performance. 

? Fully tested under extreme condition for heat resisitance and long-life use. 

? Complementary accessories (nuts, washers, etc.) are provided free of charge.

? Meets EPA Requirements / Federal Emissions Compliant Designed.  

? Great emissions control device with stable performance, reliable quality and long service life. 

? High flow rate design, will not slow down the exhaust speed,while improve engine performance.

Maintenance?If the following problems occur, the catalytic converter needs to be cleaned:

1)The exhaust pipe is stuffy and the exhaust is not smooth

2)After cleaning the throttle and fuel injectors, the vehicle still has insufficient power and increased fuel consumption

3)When a cold car starts, it often smells very stinky, and it also contains the smell of gasoline

(2)Not legal for use in California, compatible for Colorado, New York or Maine

(3)Five Checks Before Replacing a Catalytic Converter

Converters don’t fail on their own, complete these five checks before replacing a catalytic converter:

1)Retrieve / repair all PCM trouble codes, check for any available TSBs or PCM re-flash updates

2)Repair all exhaust leaks

3)Make sure vehicle is in proper fuel control

4)Always check for internal coolant leaks and excessive oil consumption

5)Make sure you have the right part for the application


1.Due to state emissions regulations, we cannot ship this item to the state of California as it is not C.A.R.B( California Air Research Board) approved for use in this state. 

2.Due to New York state emissions regulations, this item cannot be installed on a California emissions equipped vehicle in the state of New York.

3.If your vehicle is registered in California or New York, DO NOT BUY This item.

4.If your vehicle MEETS California REQUIREMENT, BUT NOT REGISTER In California or New York. This will work on your vehicle.

5.All emissions information for a vehicle can be found on a tag under the hood. If the tag is missing, you can contact a dealership with your VIN to determine which emissions system your vehicle is equipped with.

6.Quality fully guaranteed and professional installation recommended. If you want to perform an installation yourself, a high temperature sealant for metal flanges, which ensures an instant, low-pressure seal and prevents exhaust leaks is highly recommended and please buy yourself.

7.Even if your car is shown in the compatibility, you must read the description and any notes carefully.

8.Please check the fitment detail and OEM number before purchasing.

9.Please double check that the photo match the product you want.

10.They may require specialized fabrication and welding for installation.

It can’t fit the original heat shield perfectly. It also can work without heat shield.

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