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Compatible for Volvo Penta Marine:

4.3OSI, 4.3GXI, 5.0OSI, 5.0GXI, 5.7GI, 5.7GXI, 5.7OSI, 5.7OSXI

Interchangable Part Number:

3861355, 3860210, 21608511

3588865, 21545138, 3594444, 21397771


Quantity: 2 x Fuel Pump

-3 times hardened

-Condition: 100% Brand New

-Warranty: one year

-High performance aftermarket products made in our own factory with more than 10 years’ experience

-Designed for comfortable use and best quality

-For high security, longevity and original quality

-Easy installation, bring maximum ride comfort

-Replacement of the original item (safety, accuracy, service life and quality)

-Made of high quality metal materials, durable, corrosion resistance.

-Advanced inlet design and high performance pump module.

-According to the original factory specifications.

-Professional technology, high reliability.


* Please compare the vehicle data, the art images and the part numbers before purchasing.

* We recommend a professional installation, no manual is included.

* For further questions, we are at your disposal.

*About Marine Electric Fuel Pump

Marine Fuel Pumps are necessary for engine operation. Engines require gas to run, and fuel pumps supply that gas under pressure to ensure both smooth running and efficient engine operation. Boat fuel pumps convey the fuel from the gas tank directly to the individual cylinders.  

*Installer MUST ASSURE pre-fill filter is pre-filled with fuel before installation,this will prime unit before starting, not following these steps will void warranty


1?Replace Your Bad Electric Fuel Pump On Time

The fuel pump is the component responsible for supplying the engine with the fuel required for it to run. Any issues with it can cause major drivability and performance problems. Usually, a bad or failing fuel pump will produce one or more of the following 8 symptoms that alert the driver of a potential issue:

Whining Noise From the Fuel Tank

Difficulty Starting

Engine Sputtering

Stalling at High Temperatures

Loss of Power Under Stress

Car Surging

Low Gas Mileage

Car Will Not Start

2?It is recommended to disassemble your fuel pump assembly before you order this rebuild kit.  Raw water runs through this assembly and if your boat was used in salt water your assembly may not be rebuildable due to corrosion.

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