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Direct replacement of the 0 280 155 777 for light blue plastic type and in VY green plastic type
These fuel injectors will also replace all metal body injectors used in :
Commodore VN, VG ute, VP, VR, VS, VS ute, Statesman VQ, VR, VS, VT – V6 & V8
NOT fit supercharge or LS1 Gen 3 engines
All 6 injectors must be replaced if going to use the later plastic types instead of the early metal body types,
as they are a touch shorter, so all 6 fuel injectors must be replaced
Below applications marked in green where OE fitted with these fuel injectors and are a direct replacement

Compatible for Holden Commodore

VL Group A 5.0L V8
VN 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VG ute 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VP 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VR 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VS 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VS ute 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VT & VTI 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VU ute 3.8L V6
VX 3.8L V6
VY 3.8L V6
VY ute 3.8L V6
compatible for Holden Statesman:
VQ 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VR 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VS 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
VT 3.8L V6 & 5.0L V8
WH 3.8L V6
WK 3.8L V6

OEM NUMBER/ Part Number

0 280 155 777, 0280155777


6 pcs Fuel Injector as Picture Shows (4 cyl = 4 injectors , 6 cyl = 6 injectors , V8 = 8 injectors)


Design: 4 hole spray design (could keep better fuel economy, smoother running, greater performance)
Condition: 100% new high quality aftermarket part
Warranty: one year warranty for any manufacture defect
Before purchasing please check the compatibility list, OEM number and pictures provided to ensure fitment.

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