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An engine or motor is a machine designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy. Supply Engine Motor Mount or Engine Trans Motor or Engine Mount Transmission for your car. Maxpeedingrods provide the highest quality Engine Motor Mount which compatible for Honda Accord and compatible for Honda Acura series.


2003-2007 compatible for Honda Accord 3.0L Automatic Trans ( without sensor)

2004-2006 compatible for Acura TL 3.2L

2004-2008 compatible for Acura TL 3.5L


Reference OEM Number :

9247, 9297, 9451, 9220, 9215, 9214

EM9247, EM9297, EM9451, EM9215, EM9220, EM9214

A4526, A4517, A4527, A4544, A4524, A4525

Kit Contents:

This mount set includes 3 Motor Mounts & 3 Trans. Mount :

A4526 / EM9247: Front Motor Mount

A4517 / EM9297: Front Right Motor Mount

A4527 / EM9451: Rear Motor Mount

A4524 / EM9215: Trans Front Mount

A4525 / EM9214: Trans Rear Mount

A4544 / EM9220: Trans Front Upper Mount

Placement on Vehicle: Front, Rear, Right, Upper

Condition: 100% Brand New

Accessories: You will get exactly as shown in the picture

Waranty: one year warranty for any manufacturing defect.


– Direct Replacement. Ready to use.

– Prevents damage to vehicle components

– Built to strict quality control standards

– 100% Factory tested. Premium quality aftermarket engine mount.


– Please confirm your original part number or OEM numbr can match up with one of the part numbers above

– No instruction included; Professional installation and alignment suggested.

– Please check our store for other auto parts you may be interested in.

– For any needs please contact us.

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