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Package includes:

8 x  AN-8 Straight Reusable Swivel Hose End
4 x  AN-8 45 Degree Reusable Swivel Hose End
4 x  AN-8 90 Degree Reusable Swivel Hose End
4 x  AN-8 180 Degree Reusable Swivel Hose End
10 Meters / 33 Feet AN-8 Nylon Braided Hose


Hose End Specifications:
Fitting Style:  Fast Flow Reusable Swivel
Adapter Attachment:  Female threads
Fitting Material:   Aluminum
Fitting Finish:    Black 
Hose End Size:   -8 AN
Adapter Size:   -8 AN
Equivalent Tube Size(Nominal OD):  ?1?2″
Hose Inner diameter:  0.44″ / 11.12mm
Hose Outside diameter:   0.68″ /17.2 mm
Maximum Operating Pressure:   500 PSI
Burst Pressure Min:   2000 PSI
Working Temperature:  -40 ? to +350 ?


Hose Features:
Manufactured using aluminium alloys that meet or exceed minimum requirements for aerospace hose fittings.
Each component is precision-machined to exact tolerances for trouble-free performance.
Aluminium retention pins allow 360 degrees of adjustment after installation.
The unique taper design revolutionised hose assembly by not cutting into the inner hose liner, yet providing a  grip on the hose to eliminate leakage or separation.
Not compatible with PTFE hoses

Hose Features:
This nylon braided hose consists of a synthetic-nitrile inner tube with a partial stainless steel reinforcement inner braid. On top of that, there is a heat resistant nylon sheathing (up to 150 degrees celcius). The nylon braided hose is significantly lighter and more flexible than the stainless steel braided version. Even better, the hose is designed to handle any fuel (including ethanol and nitromethane), oil, or coolant. These features, combined with its ease of assembly, make it the fastest growing choice of hose products for racing and performance enthusiasts.

Professional Installation is Highly Recommended
Installation Instruction is NOT Included

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Dimensions 25 × 15 × 5 in
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