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QuickSilver have developed secondary catalyst replacements for your Vantage.
The pipes are a direct replacement for the original position cats and offers the driver Improved performance, an enhanced sports sound and reduced weight

Development car was already fitted with QuickSilver ‘Sport’ system.

OE Cats w/QS ‘Sport’ QS Pipes w/QS ‘Sport’
Idle 79 db 81 db
3000 87 db 89 db
6000 98 db 101 db
Blip 110 db 118 db

Dyno tests show a 16bhp improvement, increased mid-range torque and noticeably improved throttle response.

– Accelerated gas-flow draws heat away more efficiently to reduce under-bonnet temperatures ? particularly important for a tuned engine.

– These catalyst replacement pipes produce a crisper exhaust note which, coupled with the improved response, deliver a more ‘race car’?experience.

– Substantial weight reduction of 6 kilos over the OE parts.

– The original lambda sensors are retained in their correct positions for the proper operation of the OBD2 (on-board diagnostics) system.

– They are ‘plug & play’ requiring no retuning or other modifications.

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