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Compatible for Vauxhall Adam 2013-2019 1.2 1.4; a12xel, b12xel, a14xel, b14xel, a14xer, b14xer, b14neh

Compatible for Vauxhall Ampera 2012-2019 EV 150; a14xfl from 2014

Compatible for Vauxhall Astra J MK VI 201-2019 1.4; engine codes, a14xel, a14xer, b14xer, a14nel, b14nel, a14net, b14net from 2013

Compatible for Vauxhall Cascada 2013-2019 1.4 1.6; a14nel, a14net, b14nel, b14net

Compatible for Vauxhall Corsa D MK III 2006-2014 1.2; engine codes, z12xep, a12xel, a12xer, from engine number 19en7803

Compatible for Vauxhall Corsa E MK IV 2014-2019 1.2 1.4 ; engine code, b12xel, b14xej, b14xel, b14neh, b15nej

Compatible for Vauxhall Insignia MK I 2011-2017 1.4; engine codes, a14net, b14net from 2012

Compatible for Vauxhall Meriva B MK II 2010-2019 1.4; a14xer, a14nel, a14net, b14xer, b14nel, b14net, from 2012

Compatible for Vauxhall Mokka 2012-2019 1.4; engine codes, a14net, b14net

Compatible for Vauxhall Zafira C MK III 2011-2019 1.4; engine codes, a14nel, a14net, b14nel, b14net


OEM Number or Interchangeable Part Number: 25198498, 25198874, 55573746, 55561426

Package Includes: 1 ENGINE VALVE COVER as picture shown


one year warranty for any manufacturing defect


100% Brand New


-Please check the OEM Number before purchase. This is the best way to confirm the fitment.

-Instruction is not included. Professional installation is recommended

-Please feel free to contact us for whatever we can help.

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