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High-quality Material and Technology

High-quality Material and Technology
*Strictly match the OE airline size. The size of the air nozzle perfectly fits the original airline to avoid air leakage.
*The air nozzle is made of copper which is very safe and daurable.
*Dust covers ensure longevity and durability. Aluminum housing protects the rubber air suspension bag for longer lifespan or product.
*Natural rubber and inflatable technology
*Plug and play.
Brand new, Self-production and R&D

Brand new, Self-production and R&D
* High sensitivity and stability
the whole shock absorber will be pulled out after the air spring bag is compressed,
Body roll will be reduced and the air resistance on the low side will be reduced to greatly improve the stability and prevent the chassis from scratching and reducing overall vibrations in the vehicle.
Drive safely and smoothly

Drive safely and smoothly
*Hold up to 290 psi
*Stress tested exceeding 3 millon times
*100% Air Tightness Testing
*Create a more comfortable ride
*Give the driver more control of ride
*Direct replacement for OEM suspension without modification
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance
*All Brand new, not Remanufactured
*Electroplating process increases corrosion resistance which creates a more durable product
*Solenoid valve—adjust damper automatically
*Wide application ranging in uses from daily to performance driving


Compatible for Mercedes-Benz CLS C219 2005-2011
Compatible for Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 2003-2009
2005 – 2006 Compatible for Mercedes Benz CLS500 With Airmatic – Front Right
2007 – 2011 Compatible for Mercedes Benz CLS550 With Airmatic and Without 4Matic -Front Right
2003 – 2009 Compatible for Mercedes E320 Sedan – With Airmatic – Without 4Matic – Front Right
2006 – 2009 Compatible for Mercedes E350 Sedan With Airmatic and Without 4Matic – Front Right
2003 – 2006 Compatible for Mercedes Benz E500 With Airmatic and Without 4Matic – Front Right
2007 – 2009 Compatible for Mercedes Benz E550 With Airmatic and Without 4Matic – Front Right

Reference OE/OEM Number

2113205413,211320541360,211320541380, 211320541388,
2113206013,211320601360,211320601380, 211320601388,
2113209413,211320941360,211320941380, 211320941388,
2193201213,219320121360, 219320121380,219320121388,
A2113205413,A211320541360,A211320541380,A211320541388,211 320 54 13,
A2113206013,A211320601360,A211320601380,A211320601388,211 320 60 13,
A2113209413,A211320941360,A211320941380,A211320941388,211 320 94 13,
A2193201213,A219320121360,A219320121380,A219320121388,219 320 12 13,
211320221328,211 320 9413


Condition: Brand New
Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
Quantity: 1 piece for front right (delantero derecha)
Placement on Vehicle: For front right Passenger’s side
Placement on Vehicle: For front right Driver’s side
Greasable or Sealed: Sealed
Adjustable: Yes
Operating Pressure: ?2MPa
Temperature range?+70??-40?


1. 100% Air Tightiness testing
2. 24 hours air tightness test ?0.02MPa
3. Anti-corrosion and provide a more consistent wear surface
4. Built to strict quality control standards
5. CNC Machined Components
6. Designed for Comfort Suspension
7. Direct replacement for OEM strut without modification
8. Easy to install
9. Eliminating abnormal sound
10. Gives the driver more control of ride
11. Good heat dissipation
12. It has a high compressive strength and good sound insulation to ensure our driving comfort and safety
13. Restore the original ride height and improve ride quality
14. Test more than 3 million times
15. Sturdy & Durable Material


1.These air suspensions are aftermarket ones. They will replace the original air shock absorber. Please double confirm the compatibility as well as the OEM number before purchasing.
2.The best way to check compatibility is to check the Part Number on your old unit.
3.Professional installation is recommended.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 5 in
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