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2005-2007 compatible for Buick  Rainier  L6  4.2L  S

2005-2007 compatible for Buick  Rainier  V8  5.3L  M

2005-2006 compatible for Chevrolet  SSR V8  6.0L  H

2005-2007 compatible for Chevrolet  Trailblazer  L6  4.2L  S

2005-2007 compatible for Chevrolet  Trailblazer  V8  5.3L  M

2006-2007 compatible for Chevrolet  Trailblazer  V8  6.0L  H

2005-2007 compatible for GMC Envoy  L6  4.2L  S

2005-2007 compatible for GMC Envoy  V8  5.3L  M

2005-2007 compatible for Isuzu  Ascender  L6  4.2L  S

2005-2006 compatible for Isuzu  Ascender  V8  5.3L  M

2005-2007 compatible for Saab  9-7X  L6  4.2L  S

2005-2007 compatible for Saab  9-7X  V8  5.3L  M



OEM Part Number

For Airtex:E3707M, E3746M

Compatible for Ac Delco: MU1701, MU1655, MU1601, MU1397, MU1396, MU1387, MU1386

For Carter:P76217M, P1635M

For Delphi:FG0515, FG0833

For Bosch:67508

For Spectra Premium: SP6006M, SP6007M

For Autopart International :2202-510441

OEM : 19153373, 19153374, 19153629, 19168752, 19177711, 19369825, 19418259,

             19418261, 88966953, 88966955, 88966956, 88967147, 88967148, 88967149

Type?Electrical fuel pump 

Packing Include: 1 x Fuel Pump Module Assembly?? As Picture Shown ?

Outlet Size: 3/8 in.

Outlet Type: Threaded

Warranty?one year

Condition?Brand New


1.Our Turbine Pump technology virtually eliminates fuel pulsation, noise, and reduces hot-start problems.
2.Designed to operate under extreme temperatures and under low fuel conditions while maintaining an extended service life
3.All fuel pumps are’end-of-line’function tested in order to ensure highest quality and performance of all pumps in our program


– Please double confirm before ordering.

– No instruction included; Professional installation and alignment suggested.

– Please check our store for other auto parts you may be interested in.

– For any needs please contact us.

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 5 in
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