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Sport rear silencer for CL63 + CL65 AMG

(without use of MEC Design middle silencers or front silencer replacement pipes), also suitable for all models W216 CL500-CL600 with AMG rear apron from CL63 or CL65 AMG stainless steel rear silencer, right + left, 4-pipe 115x85mm hard chrome-plated, oval, bevelled, with rolled edge, Tubes offset, embossed MEC design logo on the underside of the pots and tailpipes, consisting of 2 rear silencers, parts certificate.?Suitable for AMG rear apron.?ATTENTION: Cut-outs on the AMG rear apron are not required.

Front silencer replacement pipes for CL63 + CL65 AMG

MEC Design (loud version) stainless steel, from cat, consisting of 2 front silencer replacement pipes (VSD-ER), no report / only export, only in connection with article no .: 221-216 / AA- 63ESD.

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