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The legendary MEC design rear silencers and exhaust systems are the symbol of a very special and extreme sound. They embody with ease, exactly what you imagine and expect from a sports exhaust. The lightness is the result of many years of passionate development, because for us it is not just an exhaust or product that we sell, it is a calling, a task and now a duty.

We differentiate between 3 sound levels:

The “Daytona” sound

It’s like cruising along Daytona Beach with your sporty car and cool sound.
This sound version is cool, casual, subtle, but still decisive.

The legendary “Earthquake” sound

One can say that the namesake is a customer. When we contacted him after installing the sound in 2003 and he beamed his feelings with joy, he wrote history: “… the sound is amazing, it’s like an earthquake!” The name was born.

This sound version is extreme, brutal, raging, terrifying, and more than just defining. Without expert opinion, registration only by individual acceptance. Not permitted in the area of ​​the StVZO! For export only!

The ultimate “Apocalypse” sound (only for AMG models)

The magnification of an earthquake can only be the apocalypse. Since this is the ultimate sound for all hard-hearted sound fans, you should really be clear about whether you really want this sound. This sound is only available for the AMG models.

This sound version is just BRUTAL and overshadows everything you’ve heard before; it is the ultimate sound and the ultimate embodiment of power and performance. Without expert opinion, registration only by individual acceptance. Not permitted in the area of ​​the StVZO! For export only!

All of our exhaust systems and clamps are “Made in Germany” and made of stainless steel (Krupp steel). The tailpipes are chrome-plated, which guarantees a long, easy-care shine. We give a 3-year guarantee on all our parts.

We wish you a lot of fun starting your vehicle after installing our exhaust.

Welcome to the MEC design family!

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AMG SL63 Apocalypse, AMG SL63 Earthquake, AMG SL65 Apocalypse, AMG SL65 Earthquake, SL350/SL500/SL550

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  1. Sounds just right , no drone ,no annoying exhaust note while cruising,it just roars when you step on gas just the right amount

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