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MEC Design Sports Rear Muffler for W/A207 (pre-facelift), 4+6+8 Cylinder, Coupe und Cabrio, Stainless Steel Rear Muffler, right +
left, 4x 115x85mm oval and hardchromed, tailpipes sloped and staggered, edges rolled up, embossed MEC Design Logo on the bottom of
the mufflers and on pipes. Consisting of: 2 rear mufflers, technical component report.
ATTENTION: For 4 Cylinder models only in connection with the Y-pipe, This must also be ordered Part Number: 207/AA-ESD4/Zyl-H
ATTENTION: Cut-outs on original Rear-Bumper required or possibly use the MEC Design diffuser design with AMG styling package! Ord

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