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  • Compatible for Dodge Ram 2500 5.9L 1998.5 – 2002 compatible for Cummins Diesel 24v
  • Compatible for Dodge Ram 3500 5.9L 1998.5 – 2002 compatible for Cummins Diesel 24v


Condition: 100% brand new

Warranty: one year

Packing Include:

  • External Pump
  • 3/8″ Fuel Line
  • In-line Fuel Filter 
  • Hardware and Fittings


  • 100% Brand New replacement diesel fuel lift pump compatible for Dodge Cummins 24V diesel engine
  • designed to eliminate the common issues found in factory lift pumps that are known for their costly repairs. 
  • This lift pump?s larger motor is strong enough to help supply your diesel truck with a consistent fuel pressure required by your pump to produce efficiency and horsepower.
  • Simple to install, this series pump can be installed by any novice mechanic and installs into factory mounting points making it the easiest installation of any aftermarket lift pump.
  • To help the lift pump perform to its top potential we have designed an optional pump relocation kit that will move the lift pump closer to the fuel tank, reducing the distance the lift pump needs to pull fuel from and instead places fuel under pressure to push diesel to the engine.


  • Protects Injector pump from failure. 
  • Flows approximately 70 gallons per hour at 18 psi
  • Mounts to the factory supplied bracket
  • 33% increase in fuel delivery rate over the OEM pump design
  • Provides better torque and engine response by insuring a constant reliable flow of fuel. 
  • High Torque to Gear Ratio to Insure Cold Weather Starts. 
  • Installation about 1 hour


* No instruction included; professional installation is suggested.

* High performance aftermarket products made in our own factory with more than 10 years experience

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